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Requesting articles and books 

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Worcestershire Health Libraries provide a quick and efficient service and aim to process any requests for information within 24 hours. If you need the material urgently, please let us know and we can usually obtain your request within a few hours. 
We have a wide range of resources available to us and can obtain most articles requested. If the title is not held within Worcestershire, we use external libraries to provide us with the article.
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Charges can vary from £1.00 to £6.50, but we will always go for the cheapest option first and will contact you before ordering chargeable items.

Did you know...?

We scan and email articles to you whenever possible (within copyright and licence agreements).  This is a quick and easy way to deliver the information you need straight to you.
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You can download your documents by clicking here

Page Last Updated: 29 April 2022