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There may be times when you are unable to carry out a search yourself or would like the extra input a professional searcher can offer. We are happy to search on your behalf or help you with your searches.
If you would like a librarian to carry out a search for you, fill in a Search Request Form and send it to your local library. Please give as much information as possible on the topic you would like researched including alternative search terms and the date by which you need the information.
A member of library staff will contact you to clarify aspects of the search topic if necessary.
We aim to complete search requests within 3 working days, but our gold standard is to complete them within your timescale.

Request information skills training

Library staff provide information skills training to suit you.  Sessions can range from formal training to adhoc assistance with particular searches.  Please see the Learning Zone pages for full details of the training we offer or use the link below to contact us with your enquiry.

We also provide an 'Ask A Librarian' service, please click here to email your query.

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You can download your documents by clicking here

Page Last Updated: 18 March 2022