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Borrowing library material

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Important information

  • Loans - 16 items can be loaned at any one time

  • Autorenewals – To renew 5 times automatically unless needed by another user.

  • Hold – 16 holds can be placed

  • Reservation shelf – Books will be kept on reservation shelf for no longer than 2 weeks before being returned to their home library. 1 weeks loans will be returned after 1 week.

  • Recalls - User will receive an email when the book is recalled telling them to bring it back by its due date. If the book is not returned, the user will receive three emails and the cost of the book will then be (manually, by library staff) added to the users account.

  • Billing -Instead of fines, users will be billed for lost books. Bills to be applied to records once the user has received three overdue notices. This will be manually added by library staff. To charge the RRP or price of the newer edition. If the item has been interlent, the user's home library will be responsible for replacing the book.

  • Blocking and Suspension Rules: Users accounts will be blocked / suspended if they do not bring books back and the user has received all 3 overdue notices. Accounts will be unblocked when bills have been cleared or books returned.

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Page Last Updated: 21 June 2022