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WHL Service Agreement, Terms & Conditions and Data Privacy Notice

To ensure resources are available for all library users and are fairly distributed:

  • Staff members may borrow eight items at a time, Associate Members and Members may borrow two items at a time. Journals are not normally available for loan.
  • You may renew your items four times remotely unless needed by another user.
  • You should return any item as soon as possible at the end of a loan period if asked to do so by a member of library staff.
  • You will be liable to pay fines at the current rate for any overdue items.
  • Your borrowing rights will be suspended if your fines exceed £10.00 in total.
  • You will be liable to pay for any stock you lose or damage, including stock we may obtain for you from other libraries. The library may charge the current replacement cost of the book, or its nearest equivalent.  You should report losses as soon as possible.
  • When returning long overdue items that have not been invoiced, you will be required to pay any accrued fines in full.
  • Any balances outstanding for fines and/or replacement books will be deducted from your final salary on leaving the Trust.


To ensure the security of library users, resources and staff:

  • Information about you from this form and on computerised library records will be held and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. We may use this information to contact you about library services. Details of your library transactions may be passed to your line manager, who may help us to recover long overdue items or monies owed to us.
  • You should produce your work ID card or library card when borrowing items.
  • You may not remove any resources from the library until they have been recorded on the loan system.
  • If you have a security card to allow out of hour’s access you must not allow anyone else to use it.
  • You must comply with the IT and related security policies for the organisation hosting any library PC. This may require you to sign an agreement. Conditions of use will be advertised.
  • Anyone found accessing inappropriate Internet sites will be reported to the necessary department.
  • Please take all your belongings with you at the end of your visit to the Library.

To maintain a pleasant environment for all library users:

  • Please use the library in a way that will not cause undue disturbance to other users. The senior librarian on duty will decide what constitutes unacceptable behaviour.
  • You may not eat in the libraries or bring drinks into the libraries with the exception of water, which should be kept in a spill-proof container.

Data Privacy Notice

Sharing your personal information

  • We will share your information with the organisation that supplies and maintains our library management systems (PTFS Europe).

 Accessing your personal information


Deleting your personal information

  • We will delete the data we hold on you after a maximum five-year period of inactivity (in case you return to use the Library again within this time). Paper forms will be destroyed once electronically scanned and the electronic copy kept until five years after the expiry of the registration and will then be deleted.


  • Any patient identifiable information left unattended in our libraries will be reported via Datix.


Contacting you

  • We would like to send you information about the Library and Knowledge Service occasionally, please confirm on the registration form if you consent for us to do this.


Contacting us

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Page Last Updated: 26 August 2020