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Use of the Worcestershire Health Libraries (WHL) website:


By entering our site, users of the WHL website agree to the following terms and conditions:


Users must not:


  • Use the site or its facilities and content to send abusive messages, or to spread sexist, racist or obscene material.
  • Attempt to impair the running of the site or corrupt its content


Members of the public:
It is not the function of WHL or its website to act as a substitute for the role of health and social care staff, but to support health and social care staff in Worcestershire in enabling access to know-how and knowledge. Members of the public are therefore urged to consult with a health professional for answers to any health-related questions.


The information provided by WHL and its website is intended to support health care and health service decisions. WHL and its website will endeavour to ensure that the content on the site is current knowledge, in order to keep health staff as well-informed as possible. Responsibility for applying the knowledge and know-how contained on this site however, rests with the individual site user.


External links:
WHL and this website is not responsible for the content of external web sites. Some pages within this site provide links to other Internet sites for the convenience of users. WHL makes best efforts to ensure that its website links only to sites that are reputable providers of evidence-based health care and health service information. WHL staff review all recommendations for the inclusion of linked sites prior to them being added.


However, WHL and this website  is not responsible for the availability of any third party sites or resources made available via this site. WHL is not responsible for the content of any third party web site, whether linked to or not. Library staff aim to check the validity of all site hyperlinks on a three-month basis.


Therefore, WHL and this website are not responsible for any loss, damage or expense whatsoever that might be caused by any action, error or omission, that a user might make as a result of reading or using either this site or a site found by using the WHL website. Responsibility for such actions, or lack of actions, remains with the individual user.


Different copyright restrictions may apply to different content on this web site. Unless otherwise stated within the content, the following copyright statement applies to material found on this site:


Permitted Use: Visitors to the WHL website are permitted to access this material and to download the material onto electronic, magnetic, optical or similar storage media provided that such activities are for private research, study or in-house use only.


Restricted Use: Visitors to the WHL website must not copy, distribute or publish any of the material contained on this Web Site. Any other use of the material other than Permitted Use requires the formal permission of the Author.


When accessing a third party web site from the WHL websitel the terms and conditions of use of the site being accessed should be obeyed and any copyright notice abided by.


We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. Our Privacy Policy lets you know how any personal information is processed and used by the WHL website.


We do not monitor individual usage of the WHL website.


We collect aggregated site usage statistics from our server logs. This data helps us to manage and plan services, and will be used as part of the evaluation of the WHL website. Site usage statistics contain no personal information.


If you send us an enquiry or e-mail your communication may include personal information. This is stored temporarily in a database. Personal information is used only to enable us to contact you, and is not used for any other purpose. Personal information is not retained for any longer than is necessary.


If you register for an Athens password you may be asked to supply personal information. To the best of our knowledge this personal information is stored in an encrypted database at Eduserv, Athens uses one-way encryption, meaning that any information stored in its databases cannot be decrypted. For example, if you forget your username/password you will need to re-register as we cannot retrieve passwords from the database.


If you would like to provide feedback about this web site please use our online form or contact us as described below.


If you wish to contact Worcestershire Health Libraries by letter, telephone or email, please use the following details:


Rowlands Library
Worcestershire Health Libraries
Charles Hastings Education Centre
Worcestershire Royal Hospital,


Telephone: 01905 760601


Email: wah-tr.wrh-rowlandslibrary@nhs.net

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Page Last Updated: 01 March 2017