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Library Training on ESR

To make it easier for you to access library training we have now designed specific modules for you to do on the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).  Please note this is only available to Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust staff.

How do I access them?

Log in to ESR go to “e-learning” and search for “Library” and select “365 Library e-learning for Worcestershire Acute” until you have an outline option- open the + sign and then chose  from the 5 modules:

What do I need?

Just your IT log in to access the computer and either an ESR Username and Password or a smartcard.

What modules are there?

    365 Library 01 Athens Password  - how to get a password to access all our resources

    365 Library 02 Developing a Search – how to put your information query into a search engine

    365 Library 03 Resources – what resources we have and what level of evidence they are

    365 Library 04 Critical Appraisal – how to check whether an article is evidence based or not

    365 Library 05 Current Awareness – how to set up alerts to stay up to date  

All are easy to use and have a quick quiz.

Why should I bother?

Good question!  The skills you develop here will help you deliver evidence-based care which can only be good for your patients.

Can I get a certificate for my CPD?

Sorry not at the moment but we are working on it.  However if you book a 1 to 1 or a group training session you will receive a certificate.

Any queries or prefer group or 1:1 training then please contact David.Chamberlain2@nhs.net 01527 505773

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Page Last Updated: 10 August 2016