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If you would like your publication(s) to appear in this database then contact Emma Gibbs with the publication details. We will only publish articles when individuals are, or were, employed by one of the Worcestershire NHS Trusts or GP Practices at the time of publication.

For help getting the full-text to any of these articles please contact Worcestershire Health Libraries via wah-tr.wrh-rowlandslibrary@nhs.net.

Many thanks to Karen Wight from Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation NHS Trust for help with creating the database.

AuthorBook or Article titlePublication Date
Vijendren A;Yung M;Sanchez J;Shiralkar...An exploratory investigation of...2016
Waterland P;Athanasiou T;Patel H;Post-operative abdominal complications...2016
Waterland P;Jones AD;Peleki A;Zilvetti...Fulminant pneumatosis coli: A rare...2016
Waterland P;Ng J;Jones A;Broadley...Using CRP to predict anastomotic...2016
Tahim A;Bansal H;Goodson AM;Payne...Open Access Publishing: A Study of...2016
Roberson C;Caseload management methods for use...2016
Payne KF;Mattine S;Implantable doppler signal distortion...2016
Ng J;Waterland P;Yassin NA;Nicol...Sexual function outcomes after...2016
Ng J;Waterland P;Yassin...Early discharge as part of enhanced...2016
Lim VG;Yip KP;Lim ZY;Sporton S;Kennon...The "normal" heart:...2016
Materacki L;Al Dulaimi D;Recent advances in gastrointestinal...2016
Linthwaite A; Bethell E;Managing pressure ulcers and moisture...2016
More W;Two doctors who put Worcester on the...2016
Meecham L;Wright A;Atwal A;Cystic Adventitial Disease of Popliteal...2016
King D;Al Dulaimi D;Recent advances in functional bowel...2016


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