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If you would like your publication(s) to appear in this database then contact Emma Gibbs with the publication details. We will only publish articles when individuals are, or were, employed by one of the Worcestershire NHS Trusts or GP Practices at the time of publication.

For help getting the full-text to any of these articles please contact Worcestershire Health Libraries via wah-tr.wrh-rowlandslibrary@nhs.net.

Many thanks to Karen Wight from Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation NHS Trust for help with creating the database.

AuthorBook or Article titlePublication Date
Pierson A;James G;Norman A;Perioperative detection of alcoholic...2017
Richard Powis1;Andrew Bird;Matthew...Clinical implementation of a knowledge2017
Pryke RWhy are MUS conflated with heartsink?2017
Wernham AG;Carr R;Thind CK;A recently changed, long-standing...2017
Uzoigwe CE;Thimmaiah R;Eldessouky A;Unmasking romosozumab.2017
Uzoigwe CE;Porter KJ;Sanchez Franco LC;Obesity and Cesarean Section: Bacteria...2017
Uzoigwe CE;Mehet J;When doctors disagree, how do patients...2017
Zimmermann EF;Hayes RS;Daniels IR;Smart...Transperineal rectocele repair: a...2017
Yesmin S; Paget MB;Murray HE;Downing R;Bio-scaffolds in organ-regeneration:...2017
Ooues G;Trevelyan J;Patent Saphenous Vein Grafts 35 Years...2017
Payne KF;Goodson AM;Tahim AS;Rafi...Why worry about bisphosphonate-related...2017
Payne KFB;Dewhurst L;Robinson G;Edwards...Acrylic stent to aid placement of...2017
Parekh A;Hagan I;Capaldi L;Lyburn I;Incidental Papillary Bladder Carcinoma...2017
Meecham L;Torrance A;Vijay S;Burtenshaw...Open Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm...2017
Morris S;Martin T;Lewis SCold/Cold vs. Bipolar Dissection...2017


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