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If you would like your publication(s) to appear in this database then contact Emma Gibbs with the publication details. We will only publish articles when individuals are, or were, employed by one of the Worcestershire NHS Trusts or GP Practices at the time of publication.

For help getting the full-text to any of these articles please contact Worcestershire Health Libraries via wah-tr.wrh-rowlandslibrary@nhs.net.

Many thanks to Karen Wight from Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation NHS Trust for help with creating the database.

AuthorBook or Article titlePublication Date
Zimmermann EF;Hayes RS;Daniels IR;Smart...Transperineal rectocele repair: a...2017
Zaitout Z;Romanowski C;Karunasaagarar...A review of pathologies associated with...2014
Yesmin S; Paget MB;Murray HE;Downing R;Bio-scaffolds in organ-regeneration:...2017
Wright AE;Wall M;Slaney P;Downing R;An unusual presentation of...2014
Wittkop B;Crowe PM;Quiz case of the month. Internal iliac...2002
Wittich E;Maintaining an optimum haemocatheter...2001
Winter AJ;Obeid D;Jones EL;Long survival after splenic...1995
Wilson E;Nurse-led management of contraceptive...2014
Wild JB;Thrush S;Vidya R;.What can National Registry data tell us...2019
Wild JB;Hwang MJ;Jones G;A meta-analysis of consanguity and...2018
Wernham AG;Carr R;Thind CK;A recently changed, long-standing...2017
Wells C;Integrated care. Emergency ward zen1998
Weller MD;Porter MJ;Rowlands J;An audit of pharyngeal pouch surgery...2004
Webb WA;When dying at home is not an option:...2015
Watts MT;Pearce JL;Implantation of a disc lens in the...1988


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