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HEE copyright briefing 2016

Copyright Licencing Agreement (CLA) for NHS England until 1st April 2018

CLA has reached a new agreement with the Department of Health to cover content use and re-use for all NHS staff in England. The agreement applies until 1 April 2018.
This innovative new service provides annual access to 9000+ articles from the British Library's Document Supply Service together with the inclusion of new rights that permit you to do more with content than ever before.
CLA has tailored its licence permissions to meet the requirements of the NHS in England. Staff can copy from magazines, books and journals as well as digital material and, for the first time, from some websites.
In addition, the licence enables greater collaboration between staff through the inclusion of permission to share articles between colleagues in other organisations licensed by CLA.

Details of the CLA Licence for NHS England are available at: https://www.cla.co.uk/nhs-england-licence

Here you will find:

  • a copy of the full NHS England Licence

  • a poster of NHS England Copying Guidelines (a notice which should be placed by photocopiers and scanners)

Licence restrictions
Please note that there are some works that are not covered by the CLA licence and may not be copied in any form. Please use the Check Permissions search tool to find out whether a particular title can be copied. After searching for a title, select "Public sector" on the left hand side filter and then click "Show public sector permissions" 
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Page Last Updated: 29 January 2018