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Worcestershire Treatment Pathways

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End of Life Pathways

The End of Life pathways have been created locally to reflect best practice and highlight local policies and procedures within the Worcestershire health community.

To access the pathways please click on the pathway link below. No log-in is required.

If you want to print any of the pages, please use the "Add to my basket to download" facility at the bottom-left of the screen. 

End of Life Care:

End of life discharge from Acute hospitals

If you find any broken links or have queries about the information provided, please contact:

David Chamberlain: emmagibbs@nhs.net 

All Other Treatment pathways are now available here http://www.treatmentpathways.worcsacute.nhs.uk/

Treatment pathways are a simple flow chart, with each stage of the patient journey mapped out. These have been created to reflect National recommendations and bring together local policies, procedures, patient information and contact information.

Treatment pathways will assist with the standardisation of care across Worcestershire and improve communication between primary and secondary care services

The information included within these pathways is for use by clinical/specialist staff.  If you are a patient requiring information, please refer to the relevant patient information leaflets and discuss with your clinician.

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Page Last Updated: 02 April 2019