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Books on Prescription

Books on Prescription

Patients in Worcestershire have had access to a 'books on prescription' service since 2007.  Worcestershire Health Libraries in partnership with Worcestershire public and mental health services set up a local scheme service whereby patients with a range of common mental health conditions including anxiety and depression are given a 'prescription' by a practitioner for individual self-help books, which they can borrow from their local public library.  General Practitioners, mental health nurses, counsellors and IAPT psychological well-being practitioners can all prescribe. Special prescription pads are available from Paula Roberts, Redditch Public Library at PRoberts@worcestershire.gov.uk.  

In 2013 the Reading Agency launched a national Books on Prescription scheme working within NICE guidelines which has been incorporated into the Worcestershire scheme.   Books on Prescription is not designed to replace existing care but to provide added value and guidance. It can be used as a standalone treatment, alongside medication and psychological approaches and as an important element in a supported therapeutic programme.

Worcestershire Health Libraries have copies of many of the recommended books so that they are available for practitioners who wish to review them before prescribing them.  A collection is available at New Haven Mental Health Unit; Princess of Wales Hospital, Athelon Ward; Worcester and Waterside Day Hospital; Evesham

Patients can borrow Books on Prescription titles from any Worcestershire local library. The scheme is free to use and books can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks. There is a free reservation facility for titles as well as easy library joining for people with a signed prescription form. A downloadable information leaflet for patients is available HERE.
The Books on Prescription booklist for adults 
The Books on Prescription booklist for children and adolescents
The Books on Prescription booklist for pain management

The Books on Prescription booklist for dementia

The Books on Prescription booklist for carers

E-prescription form - Word

E-prescription form - PDF

For further information please contact david.chamberlain2@nhs.net
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Page Last Updated: 18 April 2019