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Guidelines and clinical procedures

Listed here are recommended sources of international, national and local guidelines, procedures and pathways. 
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NICE Guidelines

A primary source of UK guidelines and procedures for NHS staff.  NICE pathways and quality standards also available. Mobile app available to search and view guidelines.
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Local guidelines & pathways

Find your locally approved Trust guidelines and procedures.  Intranet links will only work when you access from work.
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Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures 10th edition

A step-by step manual of up to date, evidence-based clinical skills procedures.  The Royal Marsden Manual is a nationally recognised source of nursing best practice.
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Worcestershire Treatment Pathways

Local pathways reflecting agreed best practice and highlighting local policies and procedures within the Worcestershire health community. The pathways include links to local documents, patient information, guidelines and websites.

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Page Last Updated: 04 July 2022