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An NHS Athens account is your key to opening access to a wealth of high quality, often subscription-based online information selected to support your professional and CPD activities. 


The benefits

  • Single username and password for the majority of online resources available to NHS and social care staff whether purchased nationally, regionally or by your local organisation.
  • Can be used anywhere, work, home or mobile.
  • Account can be transferred as you move to different posts in the NHS.
  • Local administrator available to help with access issues and use of the resources.

What's available?

In Worcestershire you will have access to the following:
  • The clinical databases purchased by the NICE, including Medline, Cinahl, PsychInfo, HMIC, BNI, AMED and Embase.
  • Full-text journal articles from the BMJ, AMA, Sciencedirect, Wiley and many more. 
  • Electronic books including mental health titles, Oxford textbooks and the Oxford handbooks.
  • BNF and BNFC including the popular mobile app.
  • Clinical evidence reference and decision support tools such as UpToDate (limited access to the Acute Trust) and BMJ Best Practice.
  • Visit our Find Information pages or go to the My Resources tab in Athens for full details.
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Your Athens Administrator

If you have any queries about access to Athens resources or you are having problems with your username and/or password, please contact:

Emma Gibbs

01905 760601 or ext. 33763


You can download your documents by clicking here

Page Last Updated: 09 April 2019